Global Village Ventures Partners Portal starting to come together

Today everyone was issued with their login details to the new site and while there isn't much on yet, it will start growing over the next few days. 

The site isn't something that will stay static as I will be adding new features and training materials weekly. If you have any suggestions on what will make the site better for you , feel free to email me.

I will leave the "Making Pretty" for a later stage when the functionality is up and running. The site will have a few buttons that you can use to go directly to the page that you need. On the front page we will have updates on what is happening in the world of Global Village. We are going to make sure that there are at least daily updates/training schedules.

Another change I will be making going forward is to create a seperate work order for each book. That way it makes tracking and managing easier. Your Work order button will be on your dashboard - make sure to use only that work order to submit your deals going forward.

Happy Wednesday!
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